The evolution of doubt : perspectives on HS2

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Historians can be cussed people, insisting on careful reading of the evidence, requiring evaluation of motives, refusing to accept conventional viewpoints.  I was lucky enough to be trained well in those disciplines.  They have been hardened through a lifetime of reading between the lines of official papers.  That is why I have not been impressed by the avalanche of HS2 material.  Too much of it reads as 'policy-based evidence' rather than as dispassionate analysis.  That saddens me.  We need more thorough, more inclusive, more wide-ranging decision-making in Britain.

PTN has contributed to the debate.  Some of this material can be accessed here.

For example,

*  our submission to the Department for Transport's Consultation in 2011 : HS2_consultation.doc

*  a presentation to a workshop at the Institute of Railway Studies (National Railway Museum / University of York) in June 2011 : Why Oh Y-4 rvsd.odp

*  a paper at the Railfuture conference on HS2 in July 2011 :  Railfuture.ppt

*  an updated version of these presentations for the Cambridge University Railway Club in February 2012 :


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