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PTN commends concessions model to Brown Review of rail franchising

5 December 2012

In the aftermath of the collapse of the franchising of West Coast the Department for Transport commissioned Richard Brown to review the process.  PTN is not alone in believing that the problem is more fundamental and has therefore written a submission that commends the model of operating concessions.  The paper discusses a range of potential benefits.  In particular it proposes the establishment of an independent Agency that would bring about an integrated national timetable to provide the framework for the concessions.  The Agency would operate by consensus among all the players - government, Network Rail, train operators, the concessionaires themselves, passenger representatives and trades unions.  Separating planning and delivery in this way and creating a single national brand would yield most of the advantages of reunification without entailing massive reorganisation, and it would encourage commercial acumen through profit-sharing incentives.

Read the submission:  BrownReview-Tyler.doc 


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