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Government blocks debate on HS2

16 November 2016

54 people with extensive experience in transport planning and regional economics asked to meet the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, to express their concerns about HS2 and to propose a review.

The request has been ignored.

The signatories are therefore publishing here the letter and associated documents. We believe that a small group of politicians, lobbyists and vested interests are pursuing a flawed project that does not have popular support. There are better, cheaper, quicker, more flexible schemes available to improve our railway - and needs in other sectors that should be met first if so much money is available

Publication of the letter following the Phase 2 announcement :
HS2 message, 16 November.odt

The letter to the Secretary of State and the list of signatories :
Grayling signatures.pdf

The report of the York workshop :
HS2 - the case for a review - July 2016.pdf

The issue of timetable planning :
Timetabling HS2.pdf
Andersen paper.pdf

A transcript of a crucial interview with Mr Grayling :

The Prime Minister's letter to Camden Council :
May to Hayward 9 August 2016.pdf


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