Articles: December 2016

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Mr Grayling's utterly closed mind

7 December 2016

Linked below is the reply to the letter signed by 54 experienced and concerned people requesting a meeting with the Secretary of State for Transport [see entry on 16 November].  It offers no apology for the fact that it took 23 working days to be drafted, gives no explanation and does not offer a meeting with the junior minister responsible for HS2.

Supporters have commented that it is "brusque and dismissive", "extremely rude", "curt to the point of offensiveness" and "not the most polite 'no' I've ever read".  Some are raising the matter with their Member of Parliament.

Is this not the sort of behaviour by metropolitan vested interests that is causing so much political concern - and potential dangers - around the country ?

DfT letter 02 Dec.docx