Reports: September 2009

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PTN Document

A Taktfahrplan for the East Coast Main Line

23 September 2009

In October 2008 PTN submitted proposals for an integrated timetable for the East Coast Main Line [ECML] to the Office of Rail Regulation [ORR]. This built on earlier work sponsored by the Department for Transport [DfT] and formed part of a project for the Association of Train Operating Companies [ATOC].

The timetable is built around seven inter-city passenger trains per hour, including open-access services.  With certain defined exceptions it complies with the Rules of the Plan.  MOIRA, the standard railway tool for evaluating timetable changes, estimates that revenue would increase by about £15 million annually.  A bold recast on the ECML could also initiate moves toward a more coherent national network, in line with the statutory duties of ORR and the objectives of DfT and Network Rail.

The proposals were ignored by both ORR and Network Rail.

The paper summarises PTN's methodology and judgments. A zip file contains the timetable graphs, netgraphs and analytical spreadsheets.