Reports: May 2016

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HS2 : the case for a review : report on a workshop

23 May 2016

PTN helped to organise a Workshop in York in April entitled

HS2 : time to proceed or time to review alternative strategies ? 

The 40 participants were professionals with a wide range of views.  A Report on the discussion concludes that there is indeed an urgent need to pause the HS2 project, although not all the findings are equally endorsed by all participants.

High Speed 2 has been promoted as a means of improving rail capacity and connectivity between London and the North of England, rebalancing the UK economy and increasing sustainability.  On each of these four counts the proposed scheme is found to be seriously deficient, and in addition there are profound concerns over its opportunity cost, its independence from the classic rail network, its environmental damage and its wider economic impacts.

The Report is entitled  HS2 and the railway network : the case for a review.

It can be found here > 

HS2 - the case for a review.pdf

Below are links to the correspondence that led to the Workshop, its programme, the slides of the presentations and various other documents.

Letter to the Prime Minister and replies  >

HS2 PM original letter + replies.pdf

Programme of the Workshop  >
HS2 Workshop - programme.pdf

Presentations  >

1 - Jim Steer.pptx
7A - Jonathan Tyler.odp
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8 - Crozet.pdf

We also heard a radical appeal to the professions to face up to the
realities of climate change (which the HS2 project does not do)  >
Mayer Hillman paper.pdf

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