Passenger Transport Networks [PTN] is the operating name of the transport consultancy offered by Jonathan Tyler.

Jonathan has worked for the railway industry for over 50 years and is passionately committed to enhancing public transport - particularly by introducing a strategic, integrated timetable for Britain's railway.

This website presents the documents that PTN produces.  We hope they will stimulate debate and generate sustainable solutions.


Zurich Hauptbahnhof

Latest from PTN

16 August 2014
Time to debate Open Access objectively

Open Access (OA) operators have generally had a good press.  However the downsides of the concept have received less attention.  It is time to redress...

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13 June 2014
An integrated timetable for the East Coast

  What matters most for the East Coast Main Line is a good timetable - one that is attractive for passengers and that makes the...

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12 December 2013
Lessons from (and for) Switzerland

Switzerland is commonly regarded as the standard-setter for an integrated, high-quality public transport system.  Its hallmarks are *   coordination between modes and among a multitude...

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